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Exxon SGO 75W- 90 Oil Replacement - 5 Gallon


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All of our Other Gear Lubricants are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.



Our Exxon SGO 75W-90 was an oil designed with energy efficiency at the top of the priority list.  This is accomplished by a significant reduction in friction and therefore reducing the input power.  Additionally this lubricant will protect against gear failures that typically face heavy loads.  Additionally these oils are designed specially to meet the demands of Eaton and Rockwell differentials.  (These lubricants meet the standards of API designation GL-5, the MIL-L-2105E, SAE J2360, and the Mack GO-G)



@ 40��_��_C, cSt                                                                                  157                          

@ 100��_��_C, cSt                                                                               17.9                         

@ 100��_��_F, SUS                                                                              726                          

@ 210��_��_F, SUS                                                                              90                                                                                                             

Viscosity Index                                                                         145

Specific Gravity                                                                        0.879

Pour Point, ��_��_F (��_��_C)                                                                    -50 (-43)                                                                                                

Flash Point, ��_��_F (��_��_C)                                                                  425 (218)                                                                                     

Copper Strip Corrosion                                                       1B

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