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Royal Lubricants Royco 4100 Oil Replacement - 5 Gallon


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All of our Compressor Oils are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.


Our Royal Lubricants Royco 4100 lubricant is a ground-breaking blend of the highest quality diester base stock and industry leading additive technology. It was specifically designed for better thermal conductivity to reduce operating temperatures in your compressor. It also will not disassociate under thermal stress while also reducing your coefficient of friction by 20% thus reducing mechanical stress. Rated for 8000 hours
Additional benefits include:
�� Better metal wetting due to reduced metal-to metal wear polar properties
�� More energy efficient.
�� Centrifugal compressors
�� Rotary screw compressors
�� Low and High temperature lubrication
ISO Grade: 100
@ 40��C, cSt 97.1
@ 100��C, cSt 10.7
Viscosity Index 94
Specific Gravity .960
Density lbs./gal 8.006
Pour Point ��F (��C) -30 (-33)
Flash Point ��F (��C) 494 (255)

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