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Royal Lubricants Royco 804 Oil Replacement - 55 Gallon


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All of our Royal Lubricants are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.


Our Royal Lubricants Royco 804 polyalkylene-glycol lubricants were blended specifically to combat the problems conventionally associated with high pressure reciprocating compressors pumping natural gas, carbon dioxide, or process gases. These lubricants are highly resistant to hydrocarbon and CO2 dilution and absorption of the gas stream components. Any oil carryover will not impair the well formation as it is compatible with well-bore treatment fluids and soluble in water. The result is oil maintaining the correct viscosity for wear resistance, resisting wash-out and carryover, and posing no threat of damage to the well formation or CO2 injectors.
The high viscosity index of this lubricant will allow for protection over a broad temperature range. The low pour point provides all-season ease of handling even in very cold climates. The use of pressurized and heated tanks as well as heat traced lines can be eliminated.
ISO Grade 444
@ 40��_��_C, cSt 79.1
@ 100��_��_C, cSt 16.2
@ 100��_��_F, SUS 398
@ 210��_��_F, SUS 83.9
Viscosity Index 217
Pour Point, ��_��_F (��_��_C) -54 (-46)
g/ml, 60��_��_F 1.0425
g/ml, 60��_��_F 1.0244
g/ml, 60��_��_F 0.9864
Flash Point, ��_��_F (��_��_C) 450 (231)

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