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ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group Celebrates 100th Year with Leading OEM Partners

Industry leader ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group is celebrating 100 years of products and services in the food and beverage industry, as they optimize the machinery and equipment of their partners. The group has supported Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across 150 countries worldwide in developing high-performance lubricants for the safety, productivity, and environmental awareness of their operations.

The Equipment Builder Group has been in the industry since 1914, and often works with its OEM partners from equipment concept to design and construction. This close collaboration allows the Group to customize its lubricant solutions. Backed by experts and professionals across multiple disciplines, the company continues to develop lubricant formulation recommendations that optimize equipment performance.

These partnerships helped Exxon Mobil in bringing premium quality equipment when it comes to lubrication formulation. “For 100 years, ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group has been helping leading food processing OEMs develop new equipment which can help to improve their customer’s operations,” said Rainer Lange, Mobil SHC Brand Advisor - Europe, Africa & Middle East, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants.

ExxonMobil Equipment Builder Group has been at the forefront in securing OEM approvals and recommendations for its high-performance lubricant products. As an industry leader, the Industrial Lubricant Store (ILS) has also redefined the standards for lubrication quality and performance in the food and beverage industry through their various OEM-compatible industrial and food-grade oil selection from leading manufacturers like ExxonMobil. Learn more about our extensive line of premium grade lubricants at today.

About the Author
Randy Renick
Randy Renick has a Bachelor's degree from LSU. He is an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist and has a 29 year work history in Industrial Lubrication. He is currently a Lubricant Consultant at The Industrial Lubricant Store.

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