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Knowledge in Right Greasing Frequency Helps Avoid Equipment Failure

High-level performance of compressor systems is secured with compressor components working properly. Regreasing of parts including machinery bearings is an important factor to consider as this process avoids instances of wear that could then lead to equipment failure. With knowledge on proper relubrication frequency, efficient operation of bearings and other machine parts is guaranteed.

Identifying the right greasing frequency involves consideration of variables such as temperature, speed, load, and the type of bearing element in use.

A traditional ball bearing will trace through the grease, churning through it at a particular speed, typically moving to the grease at one point tangential to the raise. On the other hand, a spherical roller has more surface area in contact, ringing oil from thickener a lot faster. This just means that it must be lubricated more frequently. Keep in mind that with more contact points, more greasing and relubrication are required.

Ensure your compressor systems and industrial machineries are functioning well by using compatible lubricants and by determining the proper greasing frequency needed by your unit. Get only the best and the highest quality oils and greases for your equipment. Browse through The Industrial Lubricant Store’s extensive selection of gear, compressor, refrigeration, hydraulic, and food grade oils. Checkout our available products by visiting today!

About the Author
Randy Renick
Randy Renick has a Bachelor's degree from LSU. He is an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist and has a 29 year work history in Industrial Lubrication. He is currently a Lubricant Consultant at The Industrial Lubricant Store.

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