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Optimal Insights in the Field of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance gives owners the chance to take care of their investments in the best way possible. Among the main factors considered when it comes to predictive maintenance is food-grade oil health. Industry experts are striving to provide illustrative, organized, quantitative and conclusive insights into equipment reliability, latent malfunction risks and remaining useful life (RUL) that surpass standard predictive maintenance offerings.

Newer and stronger techniques, technologies and tools are continuously being developed in the field of predictive maintenance. The goal behind these developments is the optimization of industrial assets in connection with operations, maintenance and renewal process.

TestOil and Cassantec (Cassandra Technologies) have been working together to further improve predictive maintenance methodologies. The collaboration is a major driving force behind the emergence of comprehensive and optimal insights into predictive maintenance. The experts usea cutting-edge predictive computational model; a model based on the best practice of mathematical techniques.

A reliability report is a consolidated periodical profile summary on vital and complex industrial equipment. The data gathered with the use of the method allows scheduling of target service interventions and outages during different time horizons, enabling optimum operations and maintenance.

Furthermore, the reliability report offers various prognostic horizons—10, 100 and 1000-day horizon. Short, medium and long term outage scheduling is best done by applying the prognostic horizons in the reliability report.  The prognostic objectives vary depending on the prognostic horizons. To illustrate, the longer the prognostic horizon, the better it can determine a cost- and lifetime optimal equipment replacement and procurement strategy.

Using top grade lubricants and food grade compressor oils duly tested by major laboratories and organizations in the industry increases operation reliability and efficiency. The correct processing and assessment also increases life expectancy of systems. The Industrial Lubricant Store offers 100% OEM compatible food-grade lubricants, uniquely formulated for any equipment in the food services industry. Our products are made of high-quality synthesized hydrocarbon fluids, offering extended life and maximum equipment protection.  Learn more by clicking

About the Author
Randy Renick
Randy Renick has a Bachelor's degree from LSU. He is an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist and has a 29 year work history in Industrial Lubrication. He is currently a Lubricant Consultant at The Industrial Lubricant Store.

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