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The Essentials of Food Grade Lubricants in Global Food Safety Initiative Compliance

The Institute of Food Science and Technology discussed the relevance of National Science Foundation (NSF) -registered food-grade lubricants in compliance with a set of environmental and new food safety requirements including the Global Food and Safety Initiative (GFSI).

GFSI is an independent non-profit organization managed by The Consumer Goods Forum, that comprises the world’s leading retailers in diverse industries. The organization developed a benchmarked process of Global Food Safety Standards for continuous improvement and implementation of food safety management practices.

GFSI recognized programs aimed to evaluate and compare companies’ food safety programs among other similar base standards. Each of the Harmonized Global Food Standards passes through professional certification and accreditation audits by governing national accreditation bodies. Non-compliance during accreditation audits are often due to lack of training and monitoring schemes in food sanitation and safety procedures among the company personnel.

Proper usage of food grade lubricants is a key part of standard compliance. Food-grade lubricants, greases, oils and hydraulic fluids are essential in preventing potential hazards in critical food-processing environments. These specially formulated machinery lubricating products help disperse heat caused by friction and provide sealing effects which help in preserving the quality and edibility of consumer food and beverage products.

Selecting NSF-registered food-grade lubricants for food processing and manufacturing applications helps promote consumer health and food. Hence, intensive training and orientation on food safety procedures are needed to comply with GFSI requirements.

It is critical for the food services sector to use only NSF–certified and registered food-grade lubricants for guaranteed quality, integrity and safety of food products, from processing and handling though manufacturing and packaging. The Industrial Lubricant Store is a dedicated provider of 100% OEM-compatible food-grade oils that are formulated using highest quality synthesized hydrocarbon fluids available today to achieve best results in various industrial applications. Learn more about our premium-quality food-grade products and expert services at

About the Author
Randy Renick
Randy Renick has a Bachelor's degree from LSU. He is an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist and has a 29 year work history in Industrial Lubrication. He is currently a Lubricant Consultant at The Industrial Lubricant Store.

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