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CPI 5 Gallon Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil - SOLEST 32 Replacement


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All of our are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.


The CPI SOLEST 32 is a synthetic lubricant based on a POE-Polyolester oil for optimum mutual solubility and oil return assurances. It was developed to overcome issues with most 100% POE-based oils, including hygroscopicity, lack of wear protection, viscosity dilution and chemical instability in the presence of moisture.

The CPI SOLEST 32 is engineered to meet the requirements of refrigerant gases, including HFCs, in industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and chiller applications. While compatible with all paints, plastics, and elastomers used in these applications, the SRO series should Not be mixed with more than 5% of the previous POE oil due to its reactivity with R717. It is also Not suitable for ammonia systems.

As with all specialty lubricants, the CPI SOLEST 32 should be stored in its original containers and immediately closed after dispensing to minimize moisture and particulate contamination.

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