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Dekker Vacuum Technologies Duratex Synthetic-plus 32 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon


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All of our General Industrial Vacuum Pump Oils are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.



Our Dekker Duratex synthetic Plus 32 is blended using vacuum distilled ultra-pure synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks to provide an amazingly low vapor pressure vacuum pump lubricant.  This non-foaming fluid has superb water separation as well as provides superior protection against wear, rust and corrosion.  This lubricant was specially formulated to function in severe temperature and environmental conditions to provide extended life.


ISO Grade                                  32                            


 @ 40°C, cSt                              29.8                        

 @ 100°C, cSt                            5.75                        

 @ 100°F, SUS                          155                          

 @ 210°F, SUS                          45.5                        

Viscosity Index                         134                          

Pour Point, °F                            -79                          

                    (ºC)                           (-61)                        

Flash Point, °F                          492                          

                    (ºC)                           (256)                       


Point           °F                             732                          

                    (ºC)                           (385)                       

Copper Strip

Corrosion                                    1A                            


Emulsion                                    40/40/0                 

Tendency                                   10 mins.)               


Pressure, mm Hg.

(Modified ARS 184-R1)

100ºF                                          <0.00031              

200ºF                                          <0.00061              

300ºF                                             <0.00161

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