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All of our Industrial Cleaners, Descalers, Degreasers are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.


Our Tidy Turbine was specially designed to perform in the same difficult environments that wind turbine gearboxes perform in.  Shock loading, extended drain service intervals, volatile temperatures, and extreme humidity can rapidly break down the best formulated lubricants which in turn produces varnish and sludge as natural by-products.  Tidy Turbine is the most effective lubrication system cleaner available on the market today to return your turbine to its fullest potential and rid it of these harmful performance robbing buildups.  All you have to do is replace 10% of the existing oil with an equal amount of ILS Tidy Turbine and then operate normally for a minimum of 48 hours.   Tidy Turbine is compatible with all commonly used lubricants, mineral or synthetic; and all common elastomers, paints and plastics.


Viscosity @ 40��_C, cSt       78

Specific Gravity, 60��_F      .0984

Density, 60��_F                      8.21 lbs./gal

Flash Point                          194��_C/382��_F

NSF Registered                 HX-2

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