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Palatek UC Ultraclean Oil Replacement - 5 Gallon


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All of our General Industrial Flushing Fluids are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.



Our Palatek UC Ultraclean compressor varnish cleaner was specifically designed to clean your Palatek compressor.  The use of petroleum lubricants, particularly AFT fluids, in rotary screw and vane compressors produces the formation of varnish and carbon.  These deposits are throughout the system ad can produce a number of major operational issues that can produce excessively high maintenance and repair costs.  Our cleaner can help prevent the problems caused by carbon and varnish.  It was specially formulated to be used as an additive in the oil to eliminate vanishes while the compressor is operating.  Using Varnasolv eliminates the need for disassembling the compressor for cleaning.  To maximize the benefit, use this oil prior to each lubrication change.

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