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Food Grade Ammonia Refrigeration Oil

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Our ISO 68 Food Grade Ammonia Refrigeration Oil comprises a highly refined, hydro-treated ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricants specifically manufactured to comprehensively lubricate closed-loop ammonia refrigeration systems used in the food services industry. This refrigeration compressor lubricant is also proven to perform efficiently over napthenic and other hydro-treated paraffinic-based base oils.

It offers a wide range of advantages including reduced oil carryover, superior chemical and thermal stability, enhanced wear protection, lower foaming tendency, and extended oil drain interval capability, among many others.

This ISO 68 Food Grade Ammonia Refrigeration Oil is also well suited for rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors in ammonia service. It is compatible with naphthenic and other hydro-treated paraffinic-based compressor oils for ammonia service, as well as PAO and alkylbenzene-based products.

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