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Sullair Sullube 32 Oil Replacement - 5 Gallon


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All of our Sullair are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.


Our Sullair Sullube 32 lubricant is a one of a kind blend of quality diester base stock and industry leading additive technology.  Specifically designed for compressors, this oil features low temperature fluidity and better thermal conductivity to reduce operating temperatures in your Sullair compressor.  It also will not disassociate under thermal stress and has high temperature thermal stability.  The unique formula also reduces the coefficient of friction by 20% creating greater resistance to mechanical stress.  All of this while also significantly reducing energy consumption.  Rated for 8000 Hours.


�� Rotary Compressors

�� Centrifugal compressors

Physical Properties


@  40�C, cSt                                                    38.4           

@ 100�C, cSt                                                   7.32                           

@ 100�F, SUS                                                 196                            

@ 210�F, SUS                                                 50.8

Viscosity Index                                                158

Specific Gravity                                                0.9651

Density, lbs./gal                                               8.038

Pour Point, �F (�C)                                           -65 (-53)                                                                          

Flash Point, �F (�C)                                          480 (250)                                                                 

Autoignition Temp., �F (�C)                               730 (387)

Conradson Carbon, % Residue                         0.021

Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test, Min.                    2300

Evaporation Loss Percentage,

22 hours @ 210�F                                           0.28        

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